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Bassano Romano - Viterbo

Bassano Romano is a village in the region of Lazio, in the province of Viterbo and is on the northern slopes of the Monti Sabatini at 360m (1200 ft) above sea level. About 4,500 people live in Bassano Romano. There are hazelnut crops, vineyards and olive groves.

How to reach us:

By your own vehicle:
From Viterbo: take the S.S. 2 Cassia to Rome: after 26.9 km turn right and follow the signs to Bassano Romano (35.7 km). [Click for map]

From Roma: take the G.R.A and exiting on the S.S. 2 Cassia Vejentana; continue to Viterbo and after 53.1 km turn left and follow the signs to Bassano Romano (57.8 km). [Click for map]

From Grosseto: S.S.1 Aurelia to Roma, in Tarquinia turn left toward Viterbo; in Vetralla to turn right to Rome and continue for 13 km; after turn left and follow the signs to Bassano Romano (142.6 km). [Click for map]

With public transport:
Rail: Line Viterbo-Roma Ostiense, disembark at Capranica /Sutri station 4 Km from Bassano Romano. [FS schedule ]
Bus : Line Cotral Viterbo-Rome Saxa Rubra and vice versa. Local line on the SS. Cassia. [Cotral lines and schedules]
If necessary, there is a shuttle service available.

With Navigator - Location GPS [Open the map]
N 42°13'14 - E 12°11'33.